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Gorman-Lookout drawing

Edward James “Mick” Gorman (1923-2007) reported aboard BB55 in July 1943. He was one of several talented artists who served on the Battleship. He joined the Civilian Conservation Corps while he was in high school in Emeryville, California, and after graduating joined the U.S. Navy. Always artistic and full of …”it”, he entertained his shipmates in theatrical shows and by his sketches. His drawings illustrate the crew’s yearbook Showboat. Listen to Mick talk about his experiences on the Battleship and enjoy some of his cartoons.

Gorman-sneaking liquor onboard drawing

Gorman-cooking drawing

Gorman-serving food drawing


4th of July

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On June 24, 1942, the Battleship NORTH CAROLINA arrived in San Francisco on her journey to Pearl Harbor. While in port they commenced stripping ship for combat and on July 5th they passed out the Golden Gate at 1500. According to Seaman 2/c Charles Paty, “this was the last sight of the states that we would have for several years and thousands of miles of ocean would pass under our keel.”

“To the clash of the cymbals and the boom of the drum, the North Carolina legions did step out in the July 4th parade. The crowd around the reviewing stand was given a lively description of the passing parade by a most spirited announcer. The day was pleasant, the parade not too long…and to the marchers a well done on a snappy performance.”

Tarheel, July 11, 1942

“Worked all day. It’s sort of hot. Admiral Nimitz came aboard… informal inspection.”

Edward F. Cope, diary entry, July 4, 1942
Moored port side, Pier 35, San Francisco

“Ideal patriotism is, fundamentally, love and devotion to one’s country. Qualities of a patriot consist of a zealous support of authority; an interest towards the welfare of the country and a determined pursuit for betterment of its laws, people and land. We in the service have the opportunity to express our love and patriotism by serving with an indefatigable will to the best of our ability. In this manner we place ourselves in the category of a true patriot.”

Tarheel, July 4, 1941

Fourth of July menu, 1941:

Cream of asparagus soup with croutons
Roast Young Turkey with Giblet gravy and cranberry sauce and pork sausage dressing
French Peas
Whipped Potatoes
Buttered Asparagus
Green Onions
Celery Hearts with Radishes
Lettuce and Tomato Salad
Apple Pie with Ice Cream
Bread and Butter
Iced Tea, Lemonade and Cocoa