It's All About The Crew

At one point during World War II there were over 2,300 men aboard. Each crew member has a story to tell. In 2013, the Battleship NORTH CAROLINA will launch Sea Stories, a new blog that will bring better understanding of what it was like to live on a City at Sea. From comedic entertainment to dishearten of losing a fellow sailor, the archives are being opened to help share their story.


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Edward James “Mick” Gorman (1923-2007) reported aboard BB55 in July 1943. He was one of several talented artists who served on the Battleship. He joined the Civilian Conservation Corps while he was in high school in Emeryville, California, and after graduating joined the U.S. Navy. Always artistic and full of …”it”, he entertained his shipmates read more…

4th of July

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On June 24, 1942, the Battleship NORTH CAROLINA arrived in San Francisco on her journey to Pearl Harbor. While in port they commenced stripping ship for combat and on July 5th they passed out the Golden Gate at 1500. According to Seaman 2/c Charles Paty, “this was the last sight of the states that we read more…


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Captain Fahrion with Medicine Ball “All of these guys were selected (to make admiral) long before they ever got command (of the NORTH CAROLINA). They would never have gotten the command in the first place. It was too prestigious a job. But they had to wait their turn and they had to have a certain read more…