It's All About The Crew

At one point during World War II there were over 2,300 men aboard. Each crew member has a story to tell. In 2013, the Battleship NORTH CAROLINA will launch Sea Stories, a new blog that will bring better understanding of what it was like to live on a City at Sea. From comedic entertainment to dishearten of losing a fellow sailor, the archives are being opened to help share their story.


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“The ship had barely commenced to swing when the torpedo struck with a deafening roar and caused us to lurch to starboard. It felt as though a giant had put his hand against the port side and shoved us with all his might sideways through the water.” September 15, 1942 “At eight minutes of three read more…

Printing Shop

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“Our first job was to print money order applications for the Post Office because they were unable to order a new supply. King Comic Syndicate also sent us comic strips that were reproduced for our weekly funny paper. After air attacks, the charts from the course of the plane were sent down to the print read more…

Battle of the Eastern Sololmons

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AUGUST 24, 1942: Baptism of Fire – the Battleship’s first battle engagement The Battleship’s first crew member killed in action was George E. Conlon on August 24, 1942. Seaman Mike Marko detailed in his diary, “Time is now 1740. I am now looking at wounded man to see if I know him. Boy that hole read more…