It's All About The Crew

At one point during World War II there were over 2,300 men aboard. Each crew member has a story to tell. In 2013, the Battleship NORTH CAROLINA launched Sea Stories to bring a better understanding of what it was like to live on a City at Sea. From comedic entertainment to dishearten of losing a fellow sailor, the archives are being opened to help share their story.

Damage Control

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“First, what is Damage Control? Damage Control consists of the methods used to preserve stability, watertight integrity, buoyancy and maneuverability, to control list and trim, to effect rapid repairs to material and damage, to provide protection from fire and chemical agents and facilitate care of the wounded. Watertight integrity, one of more important factors in read more…

The Big Guns

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“[The bombardment of] Iwo Jima is where I found out that you were not supposed to open a door on the firing side the same time a 16-inch gun was fired. The door opened outward and I was about half way out and was knocked back in by the door being slammed shut by the read more…

Crime and Punishment

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Each morning the Executive Officer gave the Commanding Officer a list of enlisted personnel reported for offenses the previous day. The captain could dismiss the case with a warning or administer a sentence. (In the days of sailing ships this justice was held at the foot of the ship’s mainmast which is why it’s called read more…