It's All About The Crew

At one point during World War II there were over 2,300 men aboard. Each crew member has a story to tell. In 2013, the Battleship NORTH CAROLINA will launch Sea Stories, a new blog that will bring better understanding of what it was like to live on a City at Sea. From comedic entertainment to dishearten of losing a fellow sailor, the archives are being opened to help share their story.

The Big Guns

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“[The bombardment of] Iwo Jima is where I found out that you were not supposed to open a door on the firing side the same time a 16-inch gun was fired. The door opened outward and I was about half way out and was knocked back in by the door being slammed shut by the read more…

Crime and Punishment

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Each morning the Executive Officer gave the Commanding Officer a list of enlisted personnel reported for offenses the previous day. The captain could dismiss the case with a warning or administer a sentence. (In the days of sailing ships this justice was held at the foot of the ship’s mainmast which is why it’s called read more…


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“The ship had barely commenced to swing when the torpedo struck with a deafening roar and caused us to lurch to starboard. It felt as though a giant had put his hand against the port side and shoved us with all his might sideways through the water.” September 15, 1942 “At eight minutes of three read more…