It's All About The Crew

At one point during World War II there were over 2,300 men aboard. Each crew member has a story to tell. In 2013, the Battleship NORTH CAROLINA launched Sea Stories to bring a better understanding of what it was like to live on a City at Sea. From comedic entertainment to dishearten of losing a fellow sailor, the archives are being opened to help share their story.


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“A group of us whose last name began with B were all assigned to the radar gang for some deep secret that only the military would know why. That was in November of 1942. Even the word radar was classified at the time. You could not reveal it stood for radio detection and ranging. We read more…

Barber Shops

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The Ship had six barbers and two barber shops. “Attention Officers – an officer’s shop is in the making. We are expecting to see a lot more of you.” Tarheel, August 16, 1941 “Each division had several brass medallions with the division number or letter. The number of medallions was based on the size of read more…

Happy Holidays

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Happy Holidays from the “Good Ship” NORTH CAROLINA